OpenGATE | Diving above and below the C level

Hi there!

After years in the software industry writing thousands of lines of code which will never be seen in the public, I wanted to initiate a project that preserves and documents my acquired knowledge in system programming.

Years ago I started a C++ project named GATE to study interface and library designs. But I canceled it due to my work on other commercial projects.

Now it is time to revive the GATE project and to build some new apps I missed in my daily business.

But to increase the level of difficulty, that new GATE project is now based on good old plain C with a small C++ layer on top of it.

Most of my knowledge comes from the web and from its endless numbers of source codes published there. So, Thank you, guys! Thanks for sharing your ideas, codes and concepts!
Now it’s my turn to give something back. This page opens the GATE project to the world in the hope someone may find it useful too.

Latest news:

📰 07 May 2022: Building a new GATE

Development of the GATE framework started in a simple Visual Studio Solution. To ensure portability, a switch to CMake was made. But now also CMake requires additional parameters to produce the required results.

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📰 09 Jan 2022: UEFI: Diving below the C level

When we have a software platform layer, that frees us from API details of the operating system … do we still need an operating system?
Well, not necessarily.

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📰 08 Aug 2021: On the phone with OpenGL

The main target for the GATE framework is the desktop and server world.
But what if there is a chance to build a bridge to the mobile realm?
What if we can open the gates to Android and its device families?

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