There’s always one more way to do it … in plain C too.

Hi there!

After years in the software industry writing thousands of lines of code which will never be seen in the public, I wanted to initiate a project that preserves and documents my acquired knowledge in system programming.

10 years ago I started a C++ project named ‘GATE’ to study interface and library designs. But I canceled it due to of my work on other commercial projects.

Now it is time to revive the GATE project and to build some new apps I missed in my daily business.

But to increase the level of difficulty, that new GATE project is now based on good old plain C with a small C++ layer on top of it.

Most of my knowledge comes from the web and from its endless numbers of source codes published there. So, Thank you, guys! Thanks for sharing your ideas, codes and concepts!

Now it’s my turn to give something back. This page opens the GATE project to the world in the hope someone may find it useful too.

Latest news:

📰 16 Dec 2018: A VAST project

The main purpose of the GATE project is to have a new multi-platform framework for system programming in plain C.

One field of application are background services which are invisible to the enduser.
Another interesting field are UI administration tools.

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📰 18 Nov 2018: Website online

Finally, the first version of the website is now online in parallel to my blog pages (in german).

The existing GATE code went through some rewriting processes, when some concepts in object layout needed to be changed.

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📰 29 Oct 2018: The GATE is opening

The new GATE project, a C library framework for system programming, has been started and some initial coding guidelines have already been declared. But further interface studies and tests are needed to complete the library interface concept.

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