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License statement

The GATE development framework and all standard GATE based applications are going to be published under the terms of the BSD-2 license.

Currently only binary downloads are published as pre-release demo applications. Source codes are available in the GATE development repository on

Everybody who wants to access the code repository needs to register a free account on bitbucket and send me the mail address used for registration. I will add the account as soon as possible to the Reviewers group to grant access to all development branches of the whole project.

NOTICE: In the current development stage it is NOT recommended to use the existing source codes to build new application with them. The core framework is frequently changed and there is no stable ABI or API to work with.

Keep in mind that the whole GATE project is part of a long-term interface and design study.

As soon as the internal API structure has reached a more mature level the code repository itself will be reopened as a public project.

App Project Descriptions