This web page is all about my private software development projects and interests. The name OpenGATE comes from a C/C++ library project I started years ago and has nothing to do with other projects and companies that use similar names.

It all started in the mid nineties with an old second-hand 80386 with DOS 🖫 and Windows 3.11. After some weeks of random exploration, I found QBASIC.EXE and its internal documentation.

This shaped my path of life. I started to love programming PCs and to explore the possibilities of our new digital world.

I switched from BASIC to Pascal, Visual Basic, Assembler, PHP and some other scripting languages. And finally I landed in the world of C and C++.

Since 2007 I work as a full-time software developer.

It became my passion to find special solutions in system service programming and to write library layers to make platform-dependent behavior more platform-independent.

My development motto is:

Let’s find the lowest common denominator of all platforms.

Well … maybe this denominator is infinite. But hey, this means it is a hard challenge to find it!
So let’s start! 😄

If you speak german, then feel free to read my blog pages about “the good old times” and some anecdotes about my trials and errors as a programmer.

And if you have questions about this project or the site, you can contact me by mail. Send your message to: akas tief eraten! aret dopera negative do it hate.

Facts and fun facts about me:

😎 Name: Daro-Sintem Ruffelabn Par Mube kistilo iben greddar
🏠 Home: Vienna, Austria.
🎤 Languages: german (kind of), english (kind of)
📱 Phone: Windows Phone 10, Android 11, PinePhone
💍 Married with: C++ (over 15 years, with some rare quarrels)
🏆 Largest solo project: 1.4 million lines
🖮 Favorite keyword: __declspec(naked)
💻 Favorite platform: Intel Atom and ARMv7/8
💣 Favorite opcode: 0x90
📰 Favorite blog: The Old New Thing
Favorite OS: Windows NT 6.x, Raspbian, postmarketOS